Our lamb is raised on PA farms on transitional pastures that are not yet able to be certified, because that have not met the 3 year organic management requirement.  They are fed stored organic hay that we harvest all summer long.

Pasture Raised Lamb Products

Ground Lamb $9.99/lb. $8.49/lb.
Ground Lamb
Lamb Shank $10.89/lb. $9.39/lb.
Lamb Shoulder Whole $13.99/lb. $12.49/lb.
Leg of Lamb - Bone In $12.99/lb. $11.49/lb.
Leg of Lamb - Boneless $15.99/lb. $14.49/lb.
Loin Chop $18.99/lb. $17.49/lb.
Rib Chop $39.99/lb. $38.49/lb.
Shoulder Chop $14.99/lb. $13.49/lb.
Stew Meat $11.99/lb. $10.49/lb.
Whole - Left Whole (live weight) $4.00/lb.  
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