Our lunchmeat products are made with 100% grass fed meats and organic pork.  We’re working with our current further processor on using organic spices. COMING SOON!!!

Lunch Meat Products

American Cheese $4.29/lb. $4.29/lb.
Bologna $9.99/lb. $9.10/lb.
Cooked Salami    
Corned Beef    
Liverwurst $8.10/lb. $7.75/lb.
Mozzerella Cheese    
Pork Roll $9.99/lb. $9.49/lb.
Provolone Cheese    
Roast Beef $10.99/lb. $9.99/lb.
Roast Pork    
Roast Turkey Breast    
Sliced Deli Ham $9.25/lb. $8.75/lb.
Smoked Ham    
Smoked Kielbasa    
Smoked Turkey Breast    
Swiss Cheese $5.09/lb. $5.09/lb.
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