Freshness guaranteed!
The veggies at Skillman Farm Market will vary by season.
Pricing is subject to change, and products are offered upon availability.
Products marked with * are Organic.

Produce Products

Baby Bella Mushrooms * $2.70/each  
Cinnamon Raisin Bread *    
Gluten Free Onion Poppy Seed Rolls    
Gluten Free Rosemary Sea Salt Dinner Rolls    
Gluten Free Sesame Seed Rolls    
Green Beans * $3.24/lb.  
Green Garlic *    
Green Leaf Lettuce *    
Green Romaine Lettuce *    
Portobello Mushrooms * $3.59/each  
Radishes *    
Red Potatoes * $2.04/lb.  
Red Romaine Lettuce * $2.60/bunch  
Seeded Heritage Grain Bread *    
Tomatoes on the Vine * $3.81/lb.  
Vegan Egg Free Sandwich Rolls    
White Scallions *    
Whole Shiitake Mushrooms *    
Zucchini * $2.45/lb.  
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