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Organic Condiments

Balsamic Vinegar $6.99/each  
BBQ Sauce $6.99/each  
Brown Mustard $3.75/each  
Cayenne $2.89/each  
Chicken Gravy $1.49/each  
Chopped Garlic $3.79/each  
Crushed Red Pepper $2.89/each  
Cumin $2.89/each  
Dijon Mustard $2.29/each  
Horseradish Mustard $4.29/each  
Ketchup $4.36/each  
Mushroom Gravy (Great on Steaks!) $1.19/each  
Onion Powder $2.89/each  
Oregano $2.89/each  
Organic Mayo (Hellman's) $3.37/each  
Poultry Seasoning $2.89/each  
Sloppy Joe Mix $2.39/each  
Thyme $2.89/each  
Worcestershire $4.39/each  
Yellow Mustard $3.76/each  
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Sunday: 11am to 4pm
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